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hether you work in retail or are a consumer, the retail business is one that most of us deal with on a weekly or even daily basis. Marketing in the retail realm has changed over the years thanks to the online shopping takeover. Consumers mostly know what they are looking for and marketers often have trouble trying to encourage shoppers to purchase things that are not on their shopping list. An additional problem is being stagnant when you do begin your business. It is a tricky market and being ahead of the curve is essential. Marketers have to learn the ways to best market to their audience, but how?  What is Retail Marketing?  Before we get into the ways to best market with the retail world, let’s give a quick description of what exactly retail marketing is: Retail marketing is the process by which retailers promote awareness and interests of their businesses and the products and services they provide all in an effort to generate or increase sales from their customer base.

4 Data Management Practices That Improve CRM Performance

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usinesses spend thousands of dollars on customer relationship management (CRM) solutions. Seeing a positive return on investment takes time, especially when your workforce hates using your CRM solution of choice or doesn’t update customer data regularly. With current CRM solutions spanning multiple departments, there is no shortage of ways to handle your data management practices to improve your CRM system’s performance. You may think of enhancing data management to increase the number of prospects you get and the percentage of conversions. You can also use some of the suggested practices in this article to help with marketing communications, improve the speed at which your organization can fulfill product orders, or increase quality in support of your business.  Data Management Strategies  As the first step in better managing your company’s data, assess and improve your strategies for seeking and developing additional business from among your current customers. Look to impro

How to achieve a healthy, balanced relationship with your ERP provider

PostedOn: 2018-03-19 12:28:30

bserving the enterprise software market today is like observing a major relationship crisis where one side is failing to listen to the other. It appears that suppliers are unrelentingly pushing their customers to move to the cloud. Their customers want to move to the cloud too, but not to rip and replace their perfectly functioning back-office systems of record. From the customer perspective, the cloud may be more suited to their datacenters or infrastructure as a service (IaaS) or platform as a service (PaaS), but not necessarily their ERP applications or SaaS systems of engagement that extend the reach of business processes and functions to employees, customers and partners. That is a very big ask and an enormous unplanned cost that is not budgeted and won’t be any time soon. These forced strategies are leading customers to realize that their relationship is in serious trouble. However, with the right actions, it is possible to regain a healthy balance in your supplier rela

What Will 2018 Have In Store For ERP

PostedOn: 2018-03-19 12:01:07

he data highlighted a growing need for companies to adopt a simple solution to improve efficiency and workflow for employees who rely on computers to access business systems. 2018 should bring with it an increase in awareness of mobile ERP solutions so that all employees can enjoy some level of quick and easy access to core functions appropriate to their job from any mobile device. Here’s what else we can expect to see as the year progresses:  1. Cloud ERP  Cloud ERP will continue to make gains, although vendors that are choosing to go all in with cloud are pushing customers away. They may even experience a backlash, with some customers insisting on on-premise and switching vendors if they can’t accommodate.  2. IoT  ERP systems will increasingly be hooked to IoT, tapping into data from systems such as Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) that have machine efficiency data and other big data harvested from sensors for analysis purposes.  3. Social  Virtually all ERP sy

Three things you are doing wrong with security

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ith information security, we like to think that everything is locked down and in check. Systems are resilient and will hopefully withstand an attack. The truth is that you never really know how resilient your systems are until they’re fully scrutinized by an attacker or security professional performing a formal vulnerability and penetration test. Odds are that your security is not as good as you think it is. 1. A serious lack of software patching.  Let me be clear, I don't envy anyone in charge of keeping software up-to-date in a business environment. I shudder at the thought. That said, missing operating system patches for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux along with updates needed for third-party software such as Adobe Reader and Java contribute to what could be the majority of malware infections, incidents, and complete breaches. I see many people attempt to address software patching using free tools from Microsoft but this is an area that you definitely get what you pay for. Further

ERP And The Food Industry

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he food industry has often invested in technology for an edge. In the 19th and 20th centuries, bananas drove the advancement of cooling technologies. Tea led to the development of faster ships, the famous Clippers that raced between East and West to get the best tea prices.  The modern food industry remains at the cutting edge. Modern food and beverage companies have to be very flexible to stay competitive from disease and food hygiene to a new set of laws and taxes to evolving customer tastes to even nature’s temperaments, it’s a dynamic market. A dynamic industry Food companies face the general challenges of manufacturing, but also experience more nuanced impacts. A steel manufacturer might get away with a product that is not quite the same color, but an off-color peach or inconsistent-looking milkshake will immediately turn off customers. This is why banana companies invested so much in cooling and shipping: even though a brown a banana is perfectly fine, nobody will buy one

Five Ways to Harden Mobile Security

PostedOn: 2018-03-16 13:10:28

usinesses have risen to the challenge of securing enterprise resources and handling bring your own devices to a point. Enterprise mobile security has come a long way, and gone is the wild West where any employee could cart corporate data off-premise without oversight or protection.  With that in mind, here are five ways you can get more proactive with mobile security in your enterprise.  1. Invest in Employee Knowledge  The people in your organization can be your biggest asset or biggest weakness. Most security breaches come from employee mistake, especially on mobile devices. So the first step is helping employees understand what’s safe and what is not.  Most people know to call their credit card company when they lose their wallet, but many people take it as just a personal tragedy and fail to report a lost or stolen mobile device even if it has corporate data on it.  2. Set and Enforce Mobile Device Policy  Many businesses now have BYOD policies, but often they go unenfo

How To Ensure A Tactical Financial ERP

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f you are overseeing a financial ERP implementation, upgrade, or reengineering project, you have probably noticed a motif among the industry analysis. The top research firms advise you to think in terms of short-term versus long-term system goals. Between improvement and differentiation. Strategic advantage versus stable system of record. On top of all that, you are faced with technical differences between platforms. Cloud versus on-premise. Hybrids thereof. Whether you are deep-rooted in the implementation team or observing from the distance of the steering committee, do keep in mind industry trends and topics. These are crucial aspects of today's ERP. But in the method, don’t discount what you already know.  General Ledger   Can you produce your income statement and balance sheet using only the Natural Account in your chart of accounts? At month-end, can you close and reconcile within three days? Does the system produce reports for you that identify reunion items between

Eight Keys for Better ERP Training

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RP systems are huge, complex and generally not the most user-friendly software. Cloud-based ERP has improved usability, but ERP still isn’t a simple affair.  Getting employees on-boarded and both properly and fully using ERP software, therefore, can be a challenge, and there’s no easy fix for this problem. With some best practices for schooling employees on ERP, however, the process can be made less painful.  With that in mind, here are eight keys for better ERP training. Key #1: Provide Anywhere Access to Training  To help make ERP training easily reachable, make sure you providing anytime, anywhere access to your company’s ERP training. This helps ensure that users automatically improves an employee’s knowledge of the system because he or she can get answers immediately when questions arise.  Key #2: Train to Your Business Processes  Educating human resources on how to use your ERP system is not enough. One mistake that many businesses make with ERP training is lean


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hen introducing your business to a new software, it is important to be sure that they have both the time and resources to become acclimated to the new system. There are many ways to achieve that. Whether that is through extensive training done with your vendor or added online research, if your employees have no clue how to use software that will become a daily part of their work lives, money could be wasted and very costly mistakes now have the potential to take place.  CRM Documentation – What is it?  Documentation is a written text that accompanies software and/or products. The documentation acts as a guide, explaining to users how a product works and how to use it. CRM documentation is the exact same thing, but specifically for customer  How to Make a Documentation – A Cheat Sheet  When creating documentation there are general practices that you should follow. Let's cover them in an effort to make your documents as clear and concise as possible.  1.     Write just

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