How to know it is time to find a new ERP solution and how to make the right choice

PostedOn: 2018-10-23 12:33:41

f you’re thinking about replacing your old ERP system (and if it’s more than a few years old, you should be thinking about it!), you face a lot of important questions. In a newspaper from Vital Analysis, you’ll find a lot of detailed answers to these questions, and others. Here are a few samples of the insights and guidance you’ll find when you review the complete paper. Start by taking a walk around your shop floor. In-plant tours conducted by Vital Analysis revealed new technology  3-D printers, robotic welders, and more is widespread, while the underlying ERP systems are years old, sometimes decades old. When your ERP system is no longer up to the task, you can see the symptoms throughout your business. Be on the lookout for signs like these: Whiteboards, paper-based message boards, etc. throughout the production floor Magnetic status markers to indicate the production status of some subassemblies An inability to calculate cost accounting values until well after

What Are The Top Five Cloud ERP Myths of 2018

PostedOn: 2018-10-23 12:00:18

o matter what business you’re in, you will likely hear about the cloud almost daily. While cloud technology has been around for years, it’s evolving like on no account before, and while companies of all shapes and sizes are still learning to adapt to the technology, others may not even know why or how to leverage it. Businesses today aren’t only responsible for managing IT professionals, but also for supporting business growth by driving innovation, reducing costs, and building a strategic advantage. Cloud technology can achieve all of these goals by lowering total costs and freeing up resources so that IT executives can focus on strategic production initiatives, rather than basic information storage. As a technology that’s rapidly advancing, it can be too easy for misconceptions to increase about the cloud. In fact, misinformation is often a top barrier for companies when considering cloud adoption. From total cost to security, here are the top five cloud ERP myths in 2018,

How ERP Technology Ready For The Block chain Revolution?

PostedOn: 2018-10-22 12:23:32

riven by internal demand for real-time data across apps and systems, corporate finance is opening its doors to ERP  and is poised to engage with the potential offered by blockchain. Blockchain provides companies in several industries with a shared data ledger, including other parties to a transaction. Blockchain has evolved to give companies a high degree of security in the way they process their data. Companies also prize visibility and the ability to view transactions in real time. According to a recent Oracle report on new technology trends, blockchain is among the leading technologies set to transform supply chains, reporting, and the ways that businesses work. Blockchain has initially been built for financial tasks but could potentially end up automating practice transaction processing, eliminating manual tasks and the likelihood of errors. Oracle estimates that roughly 40 percent of leaders are already exploring blockchain and other technologies set to revolutionize the way

How CRM Tool Transforming Your Businesses

PostedOn: 2018-10-22 12:05:55

ustomers are a vital ingredient for the success of every organization. The feat of this objective depends on how a company invests in its clients and their customers’ experiences. Acquiring a tool such as Client Relationship Management (CRM) software is a wise idea for those who wish to strengthen customer relationships through enhanced services. The reason is that CRM promotes the integration of systems and supports synchronization between departments to provide customers with a unified experience from your services. Here’s a quick look into how CRM software can transform your business operations.  Refine Marketing Strategies  Marketing is expensive depending on which strategy you choose to use. As such, entrepreneurs should ensure that the money they invest in promoting their businesses does not go to waste. For that reason, acquiring CRM is a step in the right direction towards gaining insight on marketing approaches that are most effective, and those that are not. Addit

ERP Selection: What Today’s Project Team Needs To Know

PostedOn: 2018-10-16 11:49:14

or many small to medium-sized manufacturers, the time is now for selecting and implementing a new ERP solution or updating an existing one. Forrester Research estimates that half of the companies using ERP systems are presently on releases that are at least two versions behind the current release. It’s not hard to see why so many companies hesitate to make the plunge into a new ERP solution. It can be painful, disruptive and, if not managed appropriately, potentially disastrous. The only alternative to selecting and implementing a new ERP solution is remaining unworried and shirking from the responsibility to embrace a more robust, efficient and cost-saving technology solution. Avoiding potential risk and staying with the status quo is never going to lead the way. First Things First After concluding the enterprise would be well served by leveraging a new ERP way out, the next question invariably is, Which ERP solution should we choose? We counsel our clients to approach the selec

What Are Important Factors to Consider When Selecting ERP for Field Service Businesses

PostedOn: 2018-10-15 12:05:05

ne of the main reasons why businesses adopt specific software for their operations is to add to the delivery of services to their customers. Investing in ERP software for your field service business will improve service delivery to customers while increasing productivity within your enterprise as well. The ability to select the precise ERP that will support your unique field service requirements is essential. Deployment Model Considering how you will deploy the ERP software you are planning to adopt before making the purchase is critical. The reason is that you can choose from on-premise, hosted, which are all existing in the market. The requirements of your field service business should bring up to date the choice of the deployment copy of the ERP solution you adopt. For instance, if convenience, simplicity and saving on cost are part of the priorities of your enterprise, then SaaS models are an ideal option that you can consider adopting. Integration Capabilities Those who perfor

How to Drive CRM Implementation to Get the Most Out of Your Sales Tools

PostedOn: 2018-10-15 11:38:44

entral to many companies’ sales tech stacks is the CRM. With the rise of SaaS solutions for enterprise-level businesses, it’s so easy to get inundated among all the choices. This might lead to the dangerous thinking that using more tools always equates to better business. For many businesses, the problem is not that they are not open to adopting software as a company. Getting the most out of your sales stack involves so much more than just rolling out new solutions to teams and praying that they work for the best. From the apps built upon your CRM to the integrations you obtain to enhance its functionality, there are a lot of moving parts involved. It’s not just about schooling stakeholders on how to use the tech, it’s about giving them the stack they need to get better results. How? Here are five hard-hitting tips that will drive CRM adoption in your company. Integrate tools with your CRM Want to increase your customer experience right now? The CRM is just a starting

What Are The Usage Of Identify The Right ERP Solution for Your Industry

PostedOn: 2018-10-13 12:17:44

tartup business owners and established entrepreneurs cannot overlook the benefits that businesses accrue as a result of adopting modern technological solutions. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is one of the solutions that most business owners are leveraging. However, identifying the ERP solution that is right for your industry is sometimes tricky. The reason is that there are a number of ERP solutions available in the market that you can choose from.   Also, the need to integrate new software with your existing systems as well as the issue of migrating from legacy systems are some of the challenges you may experience as you seek to identify the right ERP software for your enterprise. Here are some of the aspects worth considering that can help business owners in various industries when selecting the exact ERP solution. Industry Requirements Opting for ERP software that is not relevant to the operations of the industry you operate in will not only obstruct operations, but

What Is The Difference Between Accounting Software and ERP?

PostedOn: 2018-10-13 11:49:01

he fact that there is a wide variety of accounting software available in the market makes it difficult for entrepreneurs to differentiate between software that supports accounting operations and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Additionally, the confusion among business owners and company executives becomes profound when they realize that there are third-party modules capable of performing accounting functions that are not necessarily ERP software. As such, there is a distinct difference between ERP and accounting software and here is some insight on how to separate the two.  Sales Management and Order Processing Accounting Software - Sales Management and Order Processing options are some of the missing provisions for those who depend on accounting software. ERP - Part of the core provisions for ERPs includes Sales Management and Order Processing. ERP sales order management incorporates such as promotional pricing, management of complex orders, kitting and inventory allocat

How The Scalable ERP As A Solution for Growing Businesses

PostedOn: 2018-10-12 11:59:54

very entrepreneur desires to realize growth after operating their business for some time. However, rapid business growth has its fair share of challenges, and a static ERP solution will hinder such growth in several ways. Additionally, the changing production environment places a stipulate on business owners to adapt to change to achieve success. Therefore, scalability is one of the aspects you need to consider if you are operating a small firm, and your ambition is to grow your business to grow to be a large enterprise. As such, scalable ERP software becomes the viable solution for those aspiring to grow their businesses. Here are reasons why scalable ERP is an ideal way out for business expansion. Adaptability As your business grows, you will discover that you need to make some decisions fast and that any delays in taking necessary action, can affect overall operations significantly. The challenge is that sometimes, it is difficult to make accurate decisions on the fly if you do

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