What Are The Impact of Mobile ERP on Your Business Operations

PostedOn: 2018-10-11 07:43:33

oday, there is probably an app for everything you need to enhance your everyday life. The reason is that mobile apps facilitate convenient access to various services. As a result, the demand for mobile services is increasing, and business operators can also take proof of the resource by investing in mobile ERP. Mobile ERP positively impacts business operations. It enhances productivity through real-time admittance to data which facilitates faster decision making. To help you better understand how mobile ERP can help your business, here’s some insight on what you can expect by adopting this solution. It Fosters Better Customer Relationships  It takes time to build strong relationships with customers. One of the ways you can achieve this is by availing prompt responses at whatever time customers reach out to you. The challenge is that sometimes you cannot avail necessary information on demand if you cannot access your office systems and data. Mobile ERP gives you access to the offi

Why CRM As A Tool for Transforming Businesses

PostedOn: 2018-10-11 07:21:33

ustomers are a vital ingredient for the success of every organization. The achievement of this objective depends on how a company invests in its clients and their customers’ experiences. Acquiring a tool such as a Customer Relationship Management software is a wise idea for those who wish to brace customer relationships through enhanced services.  The reason is that CRM promotes the integration of systems and supports coordination between departments to provide customers with a unified experience from your services. Here’s a quick look into how CRM software can make over your business operations.  Refine Marketing Strategies  Marketing is expensive depending on which strategy you choose to use. As such, entrepreneurs should ensure that the money they invest in promoting their businesses does not go to waste. For that reason, acquiring CRM is a step in the right route towards gaining insight on marketing approaches that are most effective, and those that are not. Additional

What Is Your Business Case for ERP?

PostedOn: 2018-10-10 11:55:31

hat does it take to build a strong business case for ERP? As an ERP consulting firm serving manufacturing and distribution teams, we’ve found that strategic methodologies involve robust analysis and full investigation into what the key drivers are of the project, analysis of which business process is going to be impacted, a clearly defined assignment scope and much more are all critical components when building a business case for ERP. ERP implementations cut across the entire organization, so the decision of what will and won’t be included will impact the entire enterprise,  the delivery timeline, financial estimates and much more.  Thus, an agreed upon the business case for ERP is imperative Determining the Business Case for ERP One of the first steps in beginning an ERP project and launching the business case for ERP is to determine why change is necessary. Through our on-site meetings with the organization, suggests employing a proven process to conduct interviews and v

What Are The Most Common Problems With CRM Data And How to Fix Them

PostedOn: 2018-10-09 12:36:35

e applaud data-driven business decisions. How can we do otherwise when it seems the right thing to do? Wait. Wrong mindset. Before we make it a habit to just nod our heads every time someone invokes their precious data, our instinct should always be to question whether the data is good enough to base strategic decisions on. On the home front, individual businesses could be losing as much as 12 percent of their revenue due to bad data, based on a separate study by Experian. What is dirty data? Organizational success depends on a consistent stream of smart decisions. Smart decisions always depend on the right information. This makes data among the most valuable assets a company can hope to have. Unfortunately, most data comes raw and requires conscious effort to transform into strategy-grade information. High-quality data are the stuff that drives companies towards success and growth. Dirty CRM data is a costly dead weight that can drag a company down and should be dealt with relen

Top 7 Steps to Selecting The Right ERP for Your Industry

PostedOn: 2018-10-09 11:29:08

very business owner understands their industry better than anyone else, which means they have a better idea of their requirements. For that reason, the process of selecting the right ERP for your industry, depends on the insight you comprise regarding your operations. Several ERP options are to be had in the market, but identifying the ideal solution is what promotes success. Here are the steps that can guide you as an entrepreneur in the process of selecting the right ERP for your industry. 1. Understand Your Business  When choosing the appropriate ERP for your industry, you need to focus on the value you will gain from a particular solution rather than settling for what is functionally fit. The first step, in this case, is understanding your business rations. 2. Compare Different ERP Solutions The idea that one size fits all is non-existent in the selection of the right ERP for your industry, and you can consider seeking the help of a consultant to guide you in this process. A

What Are The Five Benefit of HR modules for ERP

PostedOn: 2018-10-08 12:51:54

or every business there are multiple keys to success. One of the most important is your staff. If you manage your employees in the right way and offer them the information and systems they need to do their jobs, you could see business running smoothly and profits on the rise. This is often easier said than done though, as it can be a real challenge to effectively manage employees. That’s where Enterprise Resource Planning, or more specifically Human Resource modules, can help. What are Human Resource modules?  ERP, or Enterprise Resource Planning, is a suite of integrated business software applications (often called modules) that allow companies to track and manage data and even automate some business functions, as well as Human Resources. Human Resource modules, in particular, are used to track different people-related functions, such as planning, payroll, administration, development, hiring, and more. Business services, like Standard Operating Procedures, job postings, news, fo

Growing an ERP Recovery Effort? Check Out These Resources

PostedOn: 2018-10-05 13:10:21

e hear from many manufacturing and distribution teams about ERP project failures and how to mount an ERP recovery effort. Based on our intensity and breadth of experience with enterprise technology projects, we know what a failed project looks like and we know how to avoid it. Here is a roundup of recent blog posts on the subject of what it takes to mount an ERP recovery effort. The Earmarks of Failure In our blog post What a Failed ERP Implementation Looks Like we describe some of the telltale signs of a poorly designed and executed implementation: What is an ERP Recovery Effort? Over the years, countless organizations have turned to guide ERP recovery effort. Once stalled, a failed ERP project needs a well-designed roadmap to get back on track. A recovery effort is a deliberate process to remedy past failures and weaknesses the organization experienced with a previous ERP project. Undertaking an ERP Recovery Effort Admitting that a project has failed and making the decision

Why Overcome User Resistance to ERP

PostedOn: 2018-10-05 12:07:47

or today’s manufacturing and distribution organization looking to transition from the status quo of legacy systems to modern ERP, it doesn’t find much bigger than evaluating, selecting and implementing a new ERP solution. In a typical project, it’s an unfortunate reality that the project team spends much of their time managing resistance from various quarters of the organization. Looking at User Resistance to ERP Industry analysts define resistance to change as an insistence that the status quo remains and with the aim of there is no need to change it. An organizational change management approach puts into place initiatives that manage resistance and to make the organization change-ready for the initiative to succeed. In this post, we will look at the causes of resistance to change in ERP and offer an approach for development teams to manage and address user resistance to ERP Factors Leading to User Resistance of ERP: In previous industry research projects, From the surv

How To Getting The Most From Your ERP System Through Development

PostedOn: 2018-10-04 12:46:53

RP Development is crucial when it comes to tailoring your chosen software to your businesses specific needs, thus ensuring you are able to formulate the most out of your ERP system going forward. The problem many businesses make though is that they simply draw-up a wish list and pass this on to their internal development lineup, or a team of external development consultants they have contracted to carry out the work. To ensure your ERP developments are going to be fit for purpose and have a positive substantial impact on your business, you need to take the time en route for prepare and include all the relevant stakeholders within your business, all the way from the initial idea, through to testing.  Find a team you can trust One of the keys to having success with your ERP development is finding a team who you can rely upon. If you can trust them to deliver on their promises, there’s a much better chance everything will vocation out as planned. This goes hand in hand with commun

How Your CRM to Improve Phone Sales?

PostedOn: 2018-10-03 14:59:09

our CRM phone system is considered a powerful tool in today’s sales arena. When you bind this technology effectively, you’ve taken the first step towards increased sales and happier customers. At the core of CRM and CTI is the customer, how you gain and retain them. 1. CRM allows you to keep track of leads and customers at all stages of their buyer’s journey. There’s a lot to keep track of when it comes to your customers that is, before and after they become your customers. Remember that the R in CRM stands for a relationship so dealing with them does not end once you’ve made the sale. CRM lets you put together an information-rich profile of each of your prospects and clients. This can help you manage your engagements with these clients through data that lets you know their location, call history, purchases or queried products, and pain points. In the hands of a well-trained customer support agent, this can help provide timely and adequate customer service. Customers are

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