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Top Functionality Needs of ERP Buyers

PostedOn: 2018-03-12 13:17:21

ERP buyers are primarily distributors and manufacturers across dozens of verticals (pharmaceuticals, food/beverage, industrial machinery etc.). While retail ERP is a large software market unto itself, few retailers contact us for advice on ERP purchases.

Software Advice looked at 200 buyer interactions to highlight why companies want to invest in ERP systems, specifically.

within distribution, manufacturing and food/beverage manufacturing. 

Researcher Commentary

One of the key benefits of an ERP system is that integration between modules (warehouse management, transportation management, order/inventory management etc.) enables full traceability of items throughout your supply chain. Our analysis uncovered the fact that the need to improve inventory tracking is a key driver of ERP purchases, with 22 percent of buyers citing the need to improve lot tracking specifically. 

Key Findings

  • Distributors are prioritizing lot tracking as a “must-have” feature, with 44 percent requesting this functionality as opposed to only 13 percent of manufacturers.
  • 19 percent of food/beverage buyers cite the need to improve inventory tracking as a motive for an ERP purchase, but only 3 percent of the overall sample share this motive.
  • 33 percent of distributors need improved barcoding from their ERPs, but only 11 percent of manufacturers cite this need.
  • 18 percent of distributors are looking to improve warehouse location management and slotting practices via software, but only 1 percent of manufacturers are looking for this.
  • 15 percent of food/beverage buyers are experiencing growing pains with QuickBooks, but the only 4percent of the overall sample cite this as the reason for moving to an ERP.