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Eight Keys for Better ERP Training

PostedOn: 2018-03-15 11:50:56

ERP systems are huge, complex and generally not the most user-friendly software. Cloud-based ERP has improved usability, but ERP still isn’t a simple affair. 

Getting employees on-boarded and both properly and fully using ERP software, therefore, can be a challenge, and there’s no easy fix for this problem. With some best practices for schooling employees on ERP, however, the process can be made less painful. 

With that in mind, here are eight keys for better ERP training.

Key #1: Provide Anywhere Access to Training 

To help make ERP training easily reachable, make sure you providing anytime, anywhere access to your company’s ERP training. This helps ensure that users automatically improves an employee’s knowledge of the system because he or she can get answers immediately when questions arise. 

Key #2: Train to Your Business Processes 

Educating human resources on how to use your ERP system is not enough. One mistake that many businesses make with ERP training is leaning exclusively on vendor training materials and giving short shrift to showing employees how the ERP interfaces with a firm’s particular workflows and business processes. 

Key #3: Build Training and Assessment into the System 

Make ERP education easy to access, easy to understand and easy to test knowledge. 

Within the ERP, the employee should be able to quickly access the training modules, and be able to track progress to completion of required training and courses for progress, advises Carlson. 

Key #4: Include Analytics on Training Performance 

In addition to assessment, make sure there is a good system for tracking employee performance. 

Key #5: Train While Interest is High 

New things are fascinating, even if that new thing is an ERP system. 

Take advantage of this novelty for training purposes. Strike while the iron is hot, pushing education on the new ERP system as close as possible to roll out. Ideally begin training during implementation, even before the ERP system goes into creation use. 

Key #6: Include Perks and Advancement with Training 

Corporate training around software is not often a favorite activity for human resources, and this is no less the case with ERP training. 

One way that you can engage employees and emphasize the need for proper ERP system training is by offering both incentives and advancement as a reward for taking the training dangerously. 

Key #7: Have Support Ready on Day 1 

Educating employees on your ERP system extends beyond training. It also includes being ready with support materials and resources for when employees engage with the ERP system and dig up stuck or want to more deeply use the system. 

Key #8: Get Buy-In From Each Business Function Before Rollout 

If employees are going to succeed at learning the new ERP system, you ideally need buy-in so there is interest and vow to learn the new system.