In order for businesses to succeed, they have to adapt to the latest ways of advertising, marketing, and branding. Keeping a watchful eye on the newest marketing trends can give your business a boost because trends are around at least for a season and if you’re lucky, trends become staples. Being able to try something new to market your business requires valor and a willingness to take a risk.

A Crash Course on Social Media Marketing

So what is social media marketing? Let’s explain. Social media marketing is a form of internet marketing involving creating, sharing and curating content on social media networks to achieve a business’s specific branding and marketing goals. The social networks that tend to be used for marketing and branding are Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, just to name a few.

Creating a Social Media Strategy

Taking social media lightly isn’t a thing for businesses. There are end goals that they want to achieve and it can only be done by creating a plan for your social media marketing. How do businesses create a social media plan? Let’s go from first to last a short step by step process.

  • Research your audience

Having a general understanding of your audience queues you in on who the people that support your business are. Specific demographics like what their professions and ages are and even their income level can be found when researching. Take the time to research which social media channel of yours gets the most engagement. What are you doing with that channel that could be applied to the others? You can also take this knowledge and market heavily on your most popular channels since you have a better chance of reaching the majority of your audience there. Knowing who chains you, makes marketing a bit easier.

  • Develop your marketing end goal

What would your business like to achieve through its social media usage? Let’s establish an end goal. Many companies want to increase their audience or simply establish themselves in the social media world. Whether you want to develop a larger following, increase audience engagement or egg on user click through, establishing an end goal can help you form your overall social media marketing plan.

  • Plan your content ahead of time

Whether it’s writing blogs, prepping status copy and posting images and/or videos you want to plan everything that will go on your social media channels ahead of time.

  • Engage with your social media audience

Once content is published to social media, don’t forget to talk to your audience! The entire point of it being called a social media “network” is because networking takes place. facilitate conversation, asking open-ended questions to keep the conversation going and answering questions/responding to comments shows that you are interested in what customers have to say. You can gain a positive reputation when being open to communication these are things that customers don’t forget.