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Essential Web Design Tips for 2018

PostedOn: 2018-03-23 11:02:04

Web design is a fast-moving field. If web developers don't make a conscious effort to stay up to date with the latest developments, then they will struggle to remain ready for action. Outdated web design practices will stand out and will reflect poorly on the designer responsible. It is amazing how quickly a new trend can become a standard design practice. therefore, a website can very quickly become outdated if it is neglected. 

For website owners who are looking to make their sites stand out this year, there are a number of trends you should be aware of. Originality is important, but you must also make sure that your website is intuitive to use and meets visitors likely expectations in terms of quality features and optimization. 

The following web design trends are among the most important for web developers to be aware of. If you want to demonstrate to visitors to your site that you are mindful of current trends, then these are the markers that they will be looking for.

Mobile-friendly View

Now that more phone manufacturers are opting for small bezels, and therefore more screen space, it is becoming practical to use phones for tasks such as word processing that formerly demanded bigger screens. Because phone screens are a big and high resolution, it is becoming more common for mobile users to opt for desktop versions of their favorite websites, even on mobile. As a result of this, you need a website design that is adaptable, but which offers everyone the same experience. 

This is, in contrast, to automatically serving mobile users with a mobile-optimized version of the website. Now that an increasing number of devices are capable of displaying the full desktop versions of pages, many mobile browsers realize the full version more. In order to be mobile friendly, your site needs to be able to determine what is best for the viewer on the source of their screen resolution or device. 

Share Everywhere

Social media is a powerful platform for marketing a business or website and it is one that you should aim to take full advantage of. However, you need to implement these features in the right way, otherwise, they will detract from the quality of your page. 

In all likelihood, the vastly greater part of visitors to your website will have no interest in sharing their activity on social media. So why include the option? Well, even if only a small percentage of the total visitors to your website choose to share it, that is still a small amount of free advertising for your site. As long as you make sure that the buttons are not obtrusive, then with them won't impact the quality of your design. 

Alternatives to Adverts

Adverts are an accepted part of the internet ecosystem in some quarters but fiercely resisted in others. Whether you build your website yourself from scratch, or you use a website builder, there are simple ways of adding a donation button. This is a much more effective and less obtrusive way of securing funding. 

When building a website, it pays to follow the best current design practices. By adhering to the most recent trends, you are ensuring that your site gives regulars the experience that they expect.