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7 CRM Integrations Process

PostedOn: 2018-03-28 11:42:17

Customer relationship management (CRM) solutions are pretty dull and commonplace for many people. But, as we enter 2018, some CRM implementations and product offerings make you just go. 

1. Salesforce–Google Cloud Integration 

Even with their work with analytics and artificial intelligence (AI), Salesforce and Google recently announced an integration between their two platforms. The amalgamation means that Google Cloud becomes the preferred public cloud for Salesforce regulars. There’s also integration between Salesforce CRM and G Suite. Such an integration also speaks to the evolving infrastructure requirements that enterprises have for today’s cloud CRM solutions.

2. No Cortana Integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 

Voice integration with data-intensive applications such as CRM or business intelligence is becoming a trend to watch with the launch of Amazon Alexa for Business. Flying in the face of it all, Microsoft recently announced that it’s dropping plans to integrate Cortana with Dynamics 365. This is a case of no integration making me go hmmm. It is difficult for me to believe that Microsoft is ceding such integrations to Amazon, despite its being named an Alexa for the Business Partner. 

3. CRM for the Legal Marijuana Industry 

We write a lot here on Toolbox.com about CRM in vertical industries. So, let’s add a CRM solution for the legal marijuana industry to the list of industries with a straight up market CRM solution. It’s called Baker, and it gives dispensaries CRM tools, marketing automation, and analytics at the point of sale.

4. Funeral Home CRM

A big driver of CRM for many of us is repeat business. Even the funeral home industry must worry about that: It has its own CRM solution. One solution is called Funeral Home selling 360, and it enables funeral directors to manage leads and sales pipelines from a web interface or mobile client app.

5. Guest Wi-Fi– Trip Advisor Integration 

Aislelabs recently announced Trip Advisor integration with its Social WiFi product, which captures data about customers when they sign in to your guest Wi-Fi. The solution encourages customers to leave a Trip Advisor rating and lets you build out your CRM with the data. 

6. ATS and CRM Integration 

Anyone who has been on a job hunt in recent years can certainly testify to the fact that the function tracking system (ATS) is in desperate need of an overhaul. In fact, ATS could certainly learn some lessons from Salesforce and other cloud CRM offerings. There’s a growing list of vendors integrating their ATSs with CRM at a variety of price points. 

7. Security Firm Entering the CRM Market 

LogMeIn, best known as a security firm, launched its Bold360 Customer Engagement raised area last June.