PostedOn: 2018-03-31 11:35:02

Customer relationship management software is designed to help strengthen the bond between a business and its customers. Through consistently updating the software with customer information such as their name, address and each time they make contact with your business, you can learn exactly who your customers are.

While CRM software is extremely important, you may never get the most out of it if you are not familiar with the ins and outs of the software.

  • QuickBooks Integration

OnContact CRM software has the ability to integrate with QuickBooks. If you are not familiar, QuickBooks is a popular accounting sosolutionor small and mid-sized businesses. It gives you the ability to manage bills, record and create recurring payments, creates checks and pay multiple vendors and bills at the same time.

With this integration you can eliminate double data entry, granting you more time to be productive at work. You also have the ability to view customer information alongside financial data. Companies have the ability to save time and money with our fluid and secure synchronization.

  • Sales Automation

Have you or your sales team ever found themselves:

  • Losing out a deal because they forgot to follow up with a contact?
  • Called leads in alphabetical order versus leads that are a better fit?
  • Digging through files searching for specific customer information?

This is where sales automation, a CRM feature, can help to eliminate those problems. What is sales automation? It takes manual, time consuming tasks that sales reps, managers and leaders complete on a daily basis and automates them.

  • Social Media Integration

Social CRM adds a social media dimension to the way businesses think about the relationship they have with their customers. Adding the social media integration to your customer relationship management software, you have the ability to combine what you already know about your customers with their social media activity. If a customer chooses Twitter or Facebook to contact your business, you can track the conversation, providing another avenue for you to respond more efficiently to the needs of your customers.

With social media integration from OnContact, you can link social media profiles to your CRM contacts. Once linked, you can view your contacts public profile and newsfeed and engage with them by sending tweets, messages and comments. All of which can be done without ever leaving the application.

Other features include:

  • CRM usage through different devices: With CRM, you can access your data on any device from anywhere. The intuitive user experience is wrapped in a fully responsive interface that adjusts across all browser sizes and mobile devices.
  • Cloud or On-Premise CRM: OnContact customer relationship management software gives you the option between cloud or on-premise solutions. It also gives you the freedom to switch if your business needs or requires the change.
  • Contact center: OnContact CRM integrates with phone switches and provides your call center agents with caller history, calling queues and call scripts.
  • Customer service: You can track incidents, reference knowledge base articles and manage service agreements, among other actions.