PostedOn: 2018-04-04 12:07:32

CRM is meant to help businesses better understand and connect with their customers. The software stores information about customers from their names and contact information to their previous purchases and even their social media activity. Ultimately, this information helps sales reps perform their jobs exceptionally.

Search engine optimization, most commonly known as SEO, is the practice and process of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search results.

These are two different things, so what would customer relationship management software have to do with search engine optimization? Believe it or not, these two can work closely together. Using a business’s CRM software can help your business develop strong SEO results. Before we get into today’s blog topic, let’s talk in detail about search engine optimization, since it is a topic that we don’t normally discuss in our blog posts.

How Does SEO work?

As mentioned earlier,  SEO is the process of increasing online visibility, which can ultimately bring business to your company. In terms of increasing visibility, that means ranking high in quantity and in high volume on search engines. But how does that process work? Have you ever thought about how search engines decide on the links that they provide to you when you are searching on sites such as Google? Your search engine of choice has a crawler that gathers information on the internet. Those crawlers bring back the information they find for the search engine to build an index. The index goes through an algorithm that tries matching data with your query. Things like keywords and site traffic play a role in search engine visibility.

Now, let’s cover three ways CRM software can improve your search engine optimization results.

1.     CRM Can Record Keywords

The content that is placed on websites obviously plays a large role in conveying a message. You want to inform your audience of whatever your business does, whether that is through blog posts or copy explaining what their products do. When the right combination of words are used, internet users are either able to find you and if not, you simply get lost in the search engine shuffle. Keywords, words and short phrases referring to what your site content is about, is often associated with SEO.  Through CRM software, you can record keywords and conversations that you have with customers. Keywords with high volume counts can be used in your site content, as it will help your SEO efforts moving forward. Asking contacts for details about how they found your business, what keywords they used in their search query online, can give an entire business a clear idea of what words they should be using in order to be found online. This may increase business for your company over time since the right keywords will help you be found online.

2.     Blogging/Blogger Outreach

As previously mentioned, the content provided on a company’s website can help your SEO results soar or sink. Blogging can play a role in the betterment of your sites ranking for a few reasons. Including high volume keywords in blogging content, helps those individual pages rank, which can ultimately lead those viewers to look through the rest of your site. Guest blogging is a great way to increase your audience and expand your brand. Another positive of guest blogging is that having your work featured on another’s site, which can be looked at as a form of an endorsement. You can gain their following, which is another way of expanding your audience. The content that you write, whether it is for your own site or a guest writing feature, helps expand your online presence. You can use CRM in this matter to search for contacts who may be interested in using guest blog writers for their site

3.     Social Media 

Social media can help a company’s SEO efforts. When you google a company, often times their social channels are one of the first few searches to appear. You can also use it as another channel to distribute company information. By cultivating your social media audience (developing a larger audience over time) that may empower your SEO results, leading your business to rank higher on search engines. With CRM, there is social media integration. With that tool, you are able to keep track of all your communications with your contacts and even watch their social media activity. It grants you the ability to contact them through their social media channel of choice. You can also update your own social media accounts through the integration, helping to expand your online presence.