PostedOn: 2018-04-05 11:38:51

Below, we will explore some of the various ways in which a mobile CRM system can enhance the effectiveness of sales reps and customer service professionals.

Sales on the go

Your sales reps aren’t always at their desks. And neither are your prospects and customers. In sales, timeliness can be the difference between a new customer and a lost sale. Without a mobile app, your reps are stuck relying on their desktops or laptop to carry out their follow-ups and other sales tactics this method of selling isn’t always reliable or feasible. Accessibility needs to be a constant.

With a mobile app, your sales reps can send out pricing guidelines, product information brochures, email blasts, and any other marketing-related materials directly from their mobile devices. This helps eliminate the need to deliver in-person resources and other methods of delivery which can be costly and time-consuming. Mobility will give your reps a quick and simplified way to reach out to their prospects and customers without having to sit down at a desk, saving them valuable time which can be used for other pressing sales-related matters.

Fast data access

Think about all of those paper documents you handle in the office. Quotes, order forms, agreements, etc. Guess what? With a mobile CRM application, these documents can all be handled electronically from your mobile device or tablet. No more having to worry about running into the office on a day off or weekend when it’s inconvenient. Instead, load up the mobile CRM app and start tackling your various sales tasks. This saves you, your company, and your prospects or customers’ time and can be a convenient alternative to a desktop-only solution.

Additionally, sales reps are able to check on past communications and customer and prospect records wherever they’re working. This data, which is kept up-to-date, can be used as a prep tool for sales meetings or simply an easy way to stay on track of current prospect and customer sales activity.

Quick customer service

Mobile CRM touches on far more than just your sales department it can also have a hefty impact on your customer service teams. With greater mobility in being able to handle and respond to customer concerns and questions, customer service teams will have access to quick, simple escalation capabilities, where issues and customer questions can be sent to the right person no matter what your store hours are. If there’s an urgent issue at hand, and it’s the weekend, don’t sweat it. With a mobile CRM platform, you’ll have access to the tools you need to handle the urgent query and respond as needed if it’s convenient for you. No more lost customer service and support cases when you’ve got access whenever wherever.