PostedOn: 2018-04-16 11:32:49

Enterprise resource planning software, most commonly known as ERP, can be a very large undertaking. There are many steps involved before a company even gets the chance to use it. Finding the perfect vendor that provides exactly what you are looking for, together with an agreeable price is key. The implementation process, arguably the most crucial part of ERP software, has to take place and should hopefully run smoothly. But one part of ERP that can make or break how the software good wishes your company, is the training process.

Training is necessary because it helps each and every employee who plans to come into write to with the software learn all of the ins and outs of the software. Training gives employees knowledge of what the software does, how it can help make their lives easier and most notably, how the software works.

Access to Training

Training should be easily accessible to everyone who that comes into contact with ERP software. Depending on the vendor you choose to work with, training can be done in person or through the internet. Considering the time of day when training is to be had also creates the budding for easier training access. Providing multiple ways of training for employees ensures that everyone that will be using the software has access to it and an equal and fair training experience.

Train at Peak Interest

The most attention and intrigue that an ERP system will get is during the implementation experience. Everything is new and interest will be high, which makes it the perfect time to begin the training process. Taking advantage of the shine with the purpose of something new always brings means that employee attention rates will be at its highest. That ensures that your employees are getting the most out of their training sessions.

Introduce Perks That Come with Training

Training with a complex system such as enterprise resource planning software, may not be the most exciting subject for some of your employees, in fact, it can be overwhelming for some. Creating incentives for trainees will keep the interest rate high and also make sure that they are giving their undivided attention to this important process. It can become a win/win situation. You are able to train your employees, which brings them knowledge and lowers the chances of on the job mistakes, while they are learning the system and possibly receiving some type of advancement for their time.

Provide Training That Works with Your Business Processes

While it is obviously important that your users know how to use the software that will be a part of their everyday work lives, they should know how to use it in context of the business. A mistake that can be made during the training process is entirely using vendor training supplies and not learning relevant information about their specific industry. When training your employees on ERP, be sure to provide specific training materials that are relevant to your business’ industry and daily business processes.