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3 Key Benefits of ERP and CRM Integration

PostedOn: 2018-04-20 10:54:54

If you’re looking to streamline business processes and boost effectiveness, consider integrating your enterprise resource planning (ERP) and patron relationship supervision (CRM) software systems. Doing so will help remove data silos in your institute and optimize operations to enhance efficiency. Let’s take a look at three benefits of merging your ERP and CRM software.

1. A 360-degree observation of your customer 

How well do you know your customers? One of the biggest advantages of ERP and CRM integration is that it gives you an entire view of your customer. From outlook to sales and support, to finance and accounting, together these systems present complete visibility into your customers’ needs, buying habits, order history, preferences, account standing, etc. Not only does this knowledge give you better insight into your customer base, it can help you build lasting relationships with customers and determine where there is potential for future growth. It can even help you anticipate your customer’s needs before your customer does.

2. Better access to stable information

A CRM and ERP solution that is fully integrated gives your employees the ability to access central information in real-time. Without it, your employees are less efficient and your customers will pay the price. For example, when a customer contacts your call center with a simple question about the status of an order, your call center spokesperson should not have to go into different systems to access that information or inquire with other employees. A fully integrated ERP and CRM solution empowers your employees with access to the information they need exactly when they need it. With the touch of a button, they can retrieve inventory levels, shipments, customer financials, order history, returns, payments, pricing, etc.

3. simplify business processes

In the past, without an integrated solution, many business processes were manual and time-consuming. However, a key benefit to merging your ERP and CRM software is worse productivity through streamlining processes and automating workflow. Additionally, an integrated way out cuts down on the amount of copying of data entry tasks.