Outboard engine builder turns to ERP for early-stage support.jpg

A new entry into the market for marine diesel engines has turned to an ERP provider to help it achieve the new objectives in its growth ambitions. It Power train is emerging from an intensive, decade-long program of product maturity to grow to be a vendor with the ability to handle transactions on a global basis. 

To get there, it recognized the need to invest in ERP. 

With operations already located in the US and UK, the firm required a system that could prop up its current manufacturing operations yet at the same time be scalable enough to ensure it possibly will meet future demand. 

It is anticipating significant demand for a product that has been 10 years in increase. The outboard is attracting significant interest from military organizations because they are with authorization required to phase out the use of gasoline-driven equipment in favor of diesel engines. 

The key drivers behind the choice of ERP system were twofold: scalability and cost. Other vendors reportedly offered options that were simply too expensive and would prohibit the growth of the business. 

The lower total cost of tenure offered it was a factor when it came to considering the growth of the business. 

Managed hosting was also a key driver. We opted to use Epicor Managed Services, to have everything hosted in the cloud and managed remotely meant for us, explains IT director. We are a small business that’s currently pre-revenue but based on where we want to be in the next few years, we didn’t would like to be implementing an ERP system that couldn’t grow with us.

Key Takeaways: 

  • A case schoolwork of a firm implementing an ERP system well ahead of taking actual orders.
  • The priority for an ERP at this stage is to support the early handing out of orders while not being too expensive for a business operating on capital rather than revenue.
  • Coming to the market with its first product, but with anticipated international require already showing up.