Imagine going forward in time 10 years. How will the technologies evolving today change the way we work? What will enterprise resource planning (ERP) in 2028 look like? creation planning for most process manufacturing companies has always been one of the most difficult problems for ERP solutions to solve.

So, what for the future? Now that we have the digital string to connect all aspects mixed up in the planning process and the possibility for artificial intelligence (AI) to make decisions for us, will the human planner be a thing of the past?

The following is the last in a series of visionary anecdotal stories set in 2028. This is the story of Kenny, Head of Planning at SPS.


The simple answer is no. This is not far-fetched at all. In fact, most of these personality technologies exist or are developing rapidly due to increases in computing power and drive for digitization

  • Planting drones

Already being used forest planting with one company already having planted more than 25,000 trees across the globe using drones.

  • Social media events

Forecasting solutions already handle spikes and trends based on events. In fact, I know of a sandwich factory who change the forecasts for main road service stations based on whether the soccer teams are playing away or at home.

  • Artificial intelligence

There is a long way to go before an AI unit replaces the complexity of the human brain and our senses. In areas such as planning though, where it is habitually a computational problem with vast amounts of data to consider, we may be a lot closer than we think.

  • Drone harvesters

All be it on a small scale, it happened in September 2017 and the prediction from the commerce is for autonomous harvesting by 2024.

  • Irrigation, spraying and inspection by drones

So, having conventional that most the solutions in the story will ultimately be possible 10 years from now, it will certainly be a period of high impact change.