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Benefits of HCM and ERP Integration in the Cloud

PostedOn: 2018-06-11 11:32:21

As cloud-based information systems become more mainstream, companies have embraced the trend of moving their on-premise solutions to the cloud. The profit of businesses who move their Human Capital Management (HCM)   and Enterprise  Resource Planning (ERP) systems to the cloud continues to grow. 

When you look at the data, it’s easy to understand why more and more companies are doing so. 

A unified HCM and ERP cloud arrangement has concrete benefits that touch on nearly all aspects of a business. The obvious advantages are cost efficiencies, single-source data sets, and optimized workflows. 

Continuous Business Transformation

Companies who have successfully transitioned to the cloud have seen improvements across multiple departments of their business, from increased productivity, to better-calculated planning and decision making. Unifying HCM and ERP sees measurably high returns, and because of this enterprise, it’s often praised as a clear indication that unified information systems deployed in the cloud are critical to continuous business transformation.

Exposes Skill Gaps and Opportunities for Growth

It may seem counterintuitive, but revealing the need for additional skill increase is a bonus of cloud integration. The transition to the cloud itself doesn’t necessarily create skill gaps, instead, it merely exposes those that already exist. While cloud incorporation in theory allowed for more time to be spent on value-added endeavors, many employees simply had not adopted the mindset obligatory to take full advantage of the opportunity.

For HR leaders, the challenge here is to identify the teams and individuals who are struggling to operate strategically rather than tactically, equally lead by example and create a plan for facilitating the necessary shift in culture and activities.

Prepares HR and Finance for the Next Bump in the Road

Cloud integration allows for more time and resources to be spent on calculated initiatives, management, and individual contributors to develop policies and plans that may not have been previously thought of. In doing so, employees across the friendship become more adaptable, more agile, and worse able to prepare for digital disruption.