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Implementing an ERP system is no small task; it’s going to take a massive amount of time and wealth and if you aren’t fully informed, the cost is going to be much higher. You’ve probably been told this a thousand times before, but if you want to learn, you need to ask questions. Because ERP systems are so expansive and their applications so far-reaching, there are almost endless questions to ask. From realization curiosities to questions about software evaluation, here are our top picks for the questions you should be asking during your ERP adventure.

What Type of Support and Training Do You Offer?

ERP systems are incredibly complex and they include to be. You don’t need to act like a know it all. You’re bound to run into some snags at some point with your system. You should pose what type of support and training they offer. You should make sure that the vendors’ consultants work with you from implementation to the go-live, and for the subsequent few months. You should make sure that you have a range of options for accessing the consultant’s advice. Complete end-user training should be available through remote, on-site, and classroom sessions to ensure that employees are fully secure using the system.

How Can We Ensure the Project Doesn’t Exceed the Budget?

ERP Projects are notorious for blowing past established budgets. In fact that 57% of all ERP projects cost 189% of the original budget. This way you’ll know the exact price of the venture before you start with the peace of mind of knowing that your system won’t put you in the poor house.

Does the Software Meet the Needs of My Business? 

Probably the most imperative question on this list, and for obvious reasons. Most ERP systems worth their salt will be able to function at basic levels. The challenge for you is to find a system that works for your business. If your organization needs to comply with a number of governmental, you need to find a system that will address this. If you’re going to find the right ERP system, then you need to talk to a software vendor that will pay out the time to understand your business.