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Customer Relationship Management it sounds simple enough.  Keep your customers happy and watch your business boom. Unfortunately, as your endeavor grows, excel sheets are just not good enough to track leads and customers, and generic solutions to client concerns don’t cut it. This is when relationship management needs to be taken to the next level, with a CRM software that will streamline your business workflows and enable you to give your customers personalized service.

Integrate Project Management Functions:

Keeping clients updated on project status and deliverables requires never-ending coordination between multiple employees and departments.  And more often than not, it requires collation of data that is contained within split excel sheets or even in boxes.

However, by integrating your CRM tool with your project management system, By bridging the gap between the two, CRM gives you clear insights into the functioning of all aspects of your agency from sales to operations.

Combat Fallout of High Attrition Rates

The advertising industry is infamous for its high attrition rates, which often misbalances an already delicate client-agency relationship. But thanks to CRM, a relation manager’s resignation doesn’t mean a death sentence for the account. The next person can pick up right where the next employee left off he or she will have immediate access to emails, project deliverables, and glitches if any. The status of the relationship can be understood and considered to make transitions smoother.

Facilitate an Overall Increase in Sales

companies with a fully-utilized CRM solution have seen up to 29% increase in sales and you can do this too, in a few simple steps. First, use CRM to identify which customer segments are more valuable to your business, then give them specific discounts or additional services.

Uncover The Most Effective Marketing Tactics

With the closed-loop analytics provided by CRM, it is possible to analyze which tactics are producing the most leads do mailers work for a certain client, but not a difference? Are your Google ads yielding sufficient leads? Or is the personal touch of client testimonials the best way forward? Your marketing team can answer these questions and refine their tactics based on feedback on the CRM tool, given by the client’s sales team by this means increasing the overall success rate.