PostedOn: 2018-06-29 12:09:48

The idea of manufacturing often brings to mind things like heavy machinery, get-together lines, and large warehouses.

While that is often accurate, most folks often overlook the modern technology that makes it all work – the software that works behind the scenes to improve efficiency which ultimately drives down the price for consumers.

For today’s producers, manufacturing software is just as important as the heavy tackle that actually touches the product. Modern manufacturers would be left in the dust without the proper software to help the entire process run smoothly. But which software does what? And what technology do manufacturers need in order to stay in lock step with the competition? 

Manufacturing software tools like ERP, MES, MRP, and CRM have helped to improve workforce efficiency and finally improve output. 

ERP Software

Enterprise resource planning software (ERP) creates an efficient, leaner and better automated and integrated business through technology solutions.

At its simplest, ERP software is a database management system, which focuses on solving the issue of silos in businesses by optimizing announcement and the flow of information between manufacturing processes and departments.  

 ERP software functions as a business management technology solution, meant for its software users to store, manage, communicate and access data across all functions of a business.

How Manufacturers Use it

  • Enhanced department communication
  • Automate daily business process.
  • Up to date information  

How ERP Software Helps Manufacturers

Enterprise resource planning software focuses on three main manufacturing processes:

  • Fulfillment
  • Production
  • Materials  

CRM Software for Manufacturers

Customer relationship management, known as CRM, is designed to help businesses build up the relationship between themselves and their customers. The software allows users to store information about their customers including their names, purchase history and invoicing.

Why Manufactures Use It

The ultimate goal of CRM is to help a business improve a relationship with its customers. With an industry such as manufacturing, there are many different affecting parts that could lead customers toward feeling unsatisfied with the service they receive. Here is how CRM can improve and maintain a positive rapport between a business and its customers.

How CRM Helps Manufacturers

  • Keep customers
  • Increases sales
  • Stronger sales projections  

Manufacturing Execution System – MES

Commonly known as MES, a manufacturing execution system is an information classification that monitors, connects, and controls manufacturing systems and data flows on the shop floor.

The goal of an MES system is to execute all manufacturing operations more effectively and to finally improve the output of production.

Why Manufacturers Use It

MES considers and controls the highly critical details of a plant shop floor, then builds the goods in the most effective, low cost, expedient, and high- quality way possible.

Manufacturing Resource Planning – MRPII

MRPII is an updated version of the original manufacturing resource planning (MRP) and both are predecessors of modern ERP software.

The goal of MRPII software is to integrate all aspects of the manufacturing process including operations, materials, human resources, and finance. It is at rest in widespread use today both as a stand-alone solution and as an integrated part of many modern ERP systems.

Why Manufacturers Use It

MRP software is a modular suite of solutions designed to communicate data around the industrialized process in order to improve productivity and efficiency.

MRPII software works to better facilitate and coordinate things like:

  • Inventory and order management
  • Purchasing and materials management
  • Shop floor control
  • Capacity planning