PostedOn: 2018-07-11 11:30:35

The social media powerhouse referred to as Facebook is known for personal communication nowadays, including sending messages to friends, posting images of your latest outings and keeping in touch with family who may live in a different part of the country or world. However, this channel can be used for more than just personal reasons, businesses can leverage this social media channel to grow their audience, show their personality and increase business.

In previous blog posts, we have discussed different social media channels, such as Twitter and Instagram, and how they can be used as a marketing tool. We will continue the trend with this blog post, focusing on the social media channel that (arguably) made social media popular, Facebook.

What is Facebook?

Before we dig into using Facebook as a marketing tool, let’s give a brief overview of what Facebook is, how it has developed over the years and what it has evolved into since its inception.

History of Facebook

Facebook is a social media site, originally reserved for Harvard students, makes it easy for users to connect with family and friends online with grade and image updates and direct messaging (and instant message).

Facebook Features

The social networking site has different features provided to its users. Let’s cover some of that facial appearance, both common and obscure.

  • A look through your Facebook history
  • Legacy Contact
  • Send money
  • Facebook Note  

Marketing with Facebook

While this social media site seems to be one of the more personal ones, there is room for businesses to make their mark. Sign up to create your page here: facebook.com/business. You will answer business-related questions including the specific industry with the address.

  • Add images of your business logo, which will presumably be your profile picture.
  • Add a description of your business. Be sure to include your mission statement for a clear understanding of who your business is and what it does.

Optimize your page for likes and SEO

When a customer finds your Facebook page, it is their first glance at your marketing efforts. The goal of a business is to make their Facebook page easy to find in a search engine, meaning to facilitate efforts must be made in order to rank high. Not only do you want your page to rank well, you want customers to give it alike. Here’s how:

  • Your username should be descriptive and consistent with all of your social media accounts. The URL given to your Facebook account should boast the name of your business in it, so choose wisely.
  • Use descriptive words in your about section. Accurately describe what your business does and include a URL to your actual website, which encourages users to click the link and give your site a visit.
  • Use the correct category for your business when setting up your Facebook page. If you don’t, this can make it hard for users to find you for their specific needs.

Facebook Advertising

An old-school way of advertising, this and are typically found as side columns on the Facebook site. They come complete with an image and a link that takes users to your Facebook page or to your business site. This method is meant to increase likes and drive traffic to a company website.