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How Cloud ERP Available For Building

PostedOn: 2018-07-17 11:41:34

Cloud business solutions provider, has launched its product for construction called One Build. This is an end-to-end cloud business management system for general contractors, home builders, subcontractors, line contractors and land developers. One Build is a true cloud solution that can significantly lower the cost of doing business. It combines features like project and cost management with contracts, commitments, subcontracts, compliance, retainage and other industry capabilities.

One Build offers full business process management (BPM) via its AcuFlow element which includes the ability to do sub-contractor payment certificate approvals and payment.

AcuFlow allows organizations to automate their complex workflows across different corporate entities and existing installed applications, in order to extend the make and value of ERP.

While does have workflow functionalities, AcuFlow is designed specifically to handle complex business process flows. For example, the system can execute complex procurement desires across two separate companies in two different currencies.

It offers auto-procurement via AcuFlow directly from a bill of quantities and can integrate other estimating systems. More importantly, it provides mobile device incorporation for all processes, supporting workers and management on-site.

One Build was designed to address the needs and demands of modern construction companies. It utilizes the Cloud ERP platform and core application suites to also offer project accounting, compliance supervision, retainage, change orders, job costing, and document management.