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Sales Quotations now available in your CRM

PostedOn: 2018-08-01 12:58:54

Create Sales Quotations directly from your CRM

Our customers told us they wanted an all-in-one sales pipeline and quoting solution where they could complete and manage the whole sales process. So, that’s just what we’ve done.

Our latest new CRM feature, Quotations, lets you create a sales quotation directly from a break and send it to your contact.

Sales Quotations from Opportunities

Available in the Professional and Enterprise plans, when you create a Sales Opportunity, you can now generate a quotation directly from the opportunity, view it on your screen, download it to your files and send it to your buyer or prospect.

The sales quotation is stored in both the account and opportunity record, creating a trail of activity. This means your team can see exactly what has been quoted and the class of your opportunity.

Custom Quotation Templates

The Quotations system includes a customizable template letting you upload your company logo, and set up your organization details, bank account, and taxation information, so all your sales quotations are standardized.

You can add your narrow tax to the quotation and enable this to show per line or as a total of the quotation.

Your stored sales Quotations are included within the document storage limits for your price plan.

Quick and easy sales

Really Simple Systems’ sales manager, commented this new feature makes managing my sales opportunities really quick and easy. I think Quotations will be a key facet for many of our customers.

  • All in one sales and quotations management
  • Create a quotation directly from an opportunity
  • View, download or email to a prospect
  • Custom quotation template