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Why You Need New CRM Plan Features

PostedOn: 2018-08-04 11:24:42

Change to your CRM Plan Features

We are always looking to make sure we provide the best CRM tools for small business and regularly review our features and price plans.

We have made little changes to our CRM plan features to improve our intention to you.

We have increased the number of customer records permitted in the Starter plan and removed the limit on user numbers. With our Professional table, we have added in a useful security feature, previously only available in the Enterprise plan.

Starter Plan

The Starter plan is aimed at new business start-ups with just a small number of patrons. You can get going with the CRM at an easily affordable price and then scale up as your business grows.

To widen the planned scope, we have increased the limit on the number of company records from 500 to 1,000. This means you can continue with the first course plan for longer before needing to upgrade.

And to help businesses that have a small number of customers but need more users, we have removed the limit of 10 users so you can now have as numerous users as you like.  

Professional Plan

User go-ahead Levels lets you control who has access to your CRM data and who can edit your records. You can use it to create User Groups and determine which of your team has access to Read, Write, or who has no access to certain data.

About User Permission Levels

Your CRM User Permission Levels are governed by setting up User Groups and User Profiles. By allocating each CRM user to a User Group and allocating a Profile you can determine what level of access each has to your data. For example, you could set up the security so Users in the same User Group, for example UK Sales, can admission and edit each other’s accounts, but not accounts owned by Users of another Group.

Activating the New CRM Plan Features

We have activated these changes so you can take advantage immediately. With the hors d'oeuvre plan you can continue adding customer records up to the new 1,000 account limit and add new users at your usual monthly rate.

To get started with User Permission Levels you’ll need to set up your User Groups and Profiles, deciding who has access to what data. Please see our buyer Support Hub for detailed information.