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How To Use The Power of Mobile ERP

PostedOn: 2018-08-31 12:17:20

Mobility has become a popular trend within the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) space because it presents a variety of benefits for an enterprise, as well as the workers along with individuals themselves. Mobile ERP applications allow companies to benefit from improved quality of service, deeper business relationships and more accurate data capture not to mention access to important data from any location at any time.

In the past, ERP systems have generally been accessible remotely through a laptop or desktop with the data stored on hardware. However, with cloud computing on the rise, there is now a huge demand for ERP systems and data to be available on all mobile policy. Having mobile capabilities can also lead to greater productivity, better customer service and improved data capturing, so it’s no wonder why this demand continues to grow.

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A recent article from Net News Ledger titled, How Mobility Can Make Your ERP More Effective, got us to view about how your ERP system can benefit from mobile capabilities.

Accurate Reporting

Mobile ERP gives individuals the opportunity to enter relevant and timely data into the system as they gather it in the field or on a job site. Having this access to up-to-date and relevant in turn can ensure more accurate reporting, which will ultimately enable business leaders to make better decisions based on the availability of data and the improved relevance of it. Not only will this assist in spotting opportunities, it will help with identifying potential threats within the system as well. In case other information for solving a problem is needed, employees can simply look for it in the ERP application. As a result, employees can come up with the right decision in a shorter amount of time with real-time information.

Greater Productivity

Believe it or not, many people choose to do work outside of normal business hours and outside of the office. Allowing employees access to the ERP system can ensure they will be able to utilize their time in a more productive way, so why not persuade that? With mobile ERP, employees stay flexible and within reach. For instance, an employee from the sales department can check inventory levels or even close a sale commencing home or while on the road traveling.

Competitive Advantage

Because ERP systems are the central point of data storage, communication and workflow management processes, real-time accessibility is crucial to a business’s success. Mobility gives you this. A mobile ERP system provides you with supply chain updates, a worse and more efficient way with communicating with customers, inventory management control, and the ability to communicate with all team members on the fly (and more) giving your isolation a higher competitive advantage