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When we think of the work the Internet of Things and ERP, there’s much to consider for today’s manufacturing and distribution organization.

Think of the business Internet of Things as manufacturing or distribution related hardware and software that work together through the internet of things style connectivity to track and enhance manufacturing and industrial processes. Innovations in related manufacturing, sensors, machine learning and other advances all contribute to applications in the Industrial Internet of Things. It’s a true business process transformation.

According to Techopedia, the Industrial Internet of Things uses sensors, machines, and devices that track and improve physical business processes in a manufacturing or business settings. This is contrasted to a consumer-based internet of things which refers to any connected devices that fit the IoT model.  For example, the consumer internet of things involves smart home devices like heating and cooling systems or security systems that are linked together to provide consumer conveniences.

Real World Scenarios of The Industrial Internet of Things and ERP

What’s in play when considering the Industrial Internet of Things and ERP?

These three examples in the industrial setting demonstrate the selling benefits when sensors are embedded into different physical objects such as production equipment or even finished goods.

  • Heavy Duty Equipment

As an example of applications related to the Industrial Internet of Things and ERP, the magazine Computer World recently featured the global heavy-duty company Caterpillar.  The company builds telemetric into a range of equipment like industrial gas turbines and diesel-electric locomotives for the creative industry and for diesel and natural gas engines.

  • Field Equipment:

The field service management process is also going through a digital transformation when it comes to the Industrial Internet of Things and ERP. Today, companies can use sensors enabled by field service management software to let an organization know if an asset is broken, and automatically route it to the technician who has the expertise to go on-site and fix it.

  • Food and Beverage: 

In another example from Computer World, a US beer distributor uses a GPS-enabled system of sensors to monitor the quality of its craft beer and cider while products fly around the world in transit. Using satellite technology, the distributor can keep a close watch on the temperature and pressure of its craft beer. What’s key here is the use of the data in the context of the overall business, which requires tighter integration with applications like ERP.

ERP Vendor Survey Findings

The Ultra independent ERP consultant team is always on the lookout for industry information related to the latest technology innovations.  To that end, the software vendor IFS conducted a survey tracking the Industrial Internet of Things and ERP.