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One of the main reasons why businesses adopt specific software for their operations is to add to the delivery of services to their customers. Investing in ERP software for your field service business will improve service delivery to customers while increasing productivity within your enterprise as well.

The ability to select the precise ERP that will support your unique field service requirements is essential.

Deployment Model

Considering how you will deploy the ERP software you are planning to adopt before making the purchase is critical. The reason is that you can choose from on-premise, hosted, which are all existing in the market. The requirements of your field service business should bring up to date the choice of the deployment copy of the ERP solution you adopt.

For instance, if convenience, simplicity and saving on cost are part of the priorities of your enterprise, then SaaS models are an ideal option that you can consider adopting.

Integration Capabilities

Those who perform field service tasks have to interact with various platforms including CRM apps. Therefore, the ERP software you opt for should have a proviso to connect with other software that is relevant to your daily operations. As a result, you will not need to invest in additional software to perform definite tasks for your field service business.

Importantly, integrating your current systems helps to avoid disrupted or cut off operations, thus safeguarding productivity during the ERP adoption. Additionally, you will achieve more from your existing systems while reducing the amount of work required.  With information accessible on a single platform users can eliminate duplicated tasks and minimize resource requirements.

Emerging Technologies

Changes in technology affect the way businesses operate and it will also impact your ability to meet the requirements of your customers. For that reason, those who run field service businesses need to acquaint themselves with new technologies affecting their engineering. Knowledge of current trends affecting field service operations will play a significant role in acquiring the right ERP that supports the latest advancements in service delivery.

Field service technologies are enhancing connectivity, mobility and driving more predictive service management. Therefore, it is key to invest in an ERP with the flexibility to leverage these emerging technologies. Also, your ERP should offer the scalability to meet your business requirements as the society evolves. A scalable solution will offer capabilities to extend its core functionalities such as the ability to add new workflows.