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Businesses around the world are benefiting from using the ERP solution as a tool to integrate and manage all aspects of their daily operations. The fact that so many businesses are using ERP does not suggest that the implementation process is always simple or a success. However, that does not stop enterprises from using ERP in running their business activities, even after experiencing failure at the implementation stage.

Successful implementation of your ERP solution is a necessity if you are planning to use this tool for enhancing service delivery to clients. Here are some of the common reasons for ERP implementation failure. 

Needless Customization

Most business owners priorities the aspect of aligning their new ERP software to the requirements of their organization, through customization. Customizing a new ERP solution may appear as the best decision to make when acquiring ERP software, and it is hard to resist this temptation. The quandary is that current ERP software has proven best practice processes, and customization is no longer a right of way.

The process of the implementation of ERP software may fail as a result of customization, and if you adopt custom ERP, it becomes the other expense that also limits your flexibility for future upgrades.

Lack of Project Management Skills

Engaging your in-house project management team in the achievement process of ERP software because they have a proven track record in other projects is okay. The only challenge is that your staff may not have the basic skills to handle the task of deploying ERP.

Ignoring the need to invite your ERP implementation partner to advise your project management team on successful implementation of a new ERP solution is a common cause of ERP implementation failure.

Unrealistic Expectations

The notion that replicating your current procedures will result in competence, accuracy, and profitability, after acquiring new ERP is wrong. Imagining that ERP implementation is easy because many companies are using this solution is not true.

The risk of improbable expectations is one of the challenges you should expect when adopting ERP, which is part of the causes of failure during the process of ERP implementation.