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The market is surrounded by ERP solutions and locating one for your start-up business should not be the problem. However, one of the problems is finding the right one for your business. One of the biggest problems can be properly implementing your new ERP solution and everything that will come with it. Every ERP provider you consult with will have a list of things you should do and things you should not do while implementing your new system.

Here are a few of the top Do's and Dont's you should remember when it comes to ERP implementation:


  • Make sure you have a qualified and skilled team of people who can work through the entire implementation
  • Provide training for all your employees to ensure they will understand the modules and full processes before they actually use it
  • Make sure your employees are able to collaborate and be productive while using the ERP system
  • Have an experienced and skilled project manager who will be dedicated to the implementation
  • Review all your processes ahead of time before you actually begin researching for an ERP system
  • Have a clear understanding of the processes that are important to your business


  • Choose an ERP solution just because of the cheap price
  • Set expectations that are unrealistic
  • Forget to include everyone in the organization who will be impacted by the new change
  • Be afraid to break away from the pressure of choosing a particular system just because others in your industry are using it

The success and the failure factors will always surround pre-implementation and the actual implementation process. The vendor you choose will have a key role in the process, but as the organization that implements the ERP solution, you will be responsible for the success of failure of the implementation and the future projects.