When you have started a gym, you need to manage the gym through some advanced technologies. There are many ways to handle your customers, services and lot more. Using software is one among them.

Our Cloud Based Gym management software  provides fitness businesses with the functionality to manage schedules, memberships and facilities, store membership data for a fitness organization.

A gym management software  provides scheduling and facilities management tools. Collect and record payment dues from gym or club members.

Some of the reasons to choose gym management software:

Membership management:

You can easily track member activities using gym management software. It can help with member check-ins, offering access to member portal and adding in member information. With such a software in place, it becomes easy for the members to add in their information, pay the bills, schedule appointments, change gym timings etc.

It Saves Your Money 

A software which helps you to manage Billing and Attendance at the same time will eventually save your money. As you don’t need to buy separate software for carrying out this processes individually.

It Saves Your Time

A bill is generated within a few minutes with the help of a software, different reports let you know about the status of your members in much lesser time as compared to excel sheets.

It’s Cloud-Based

You can access your data at anytime from anywhere. It also means that all updates are run automatically for you ensuring you’re always up to date with the latest features.

Point of sale and recurring billing

Different kinds of software are now available to take care of recurring payments. With such processes in work, gym owners will not have to worry about late payments. POS (point of scale) is another thing that comes with software and it handles electronic down payments and waivers. This way gym owner gets to set payment options as well as sell products to the people on their website or application. The gym owner will not have to worry about billing and others as all the financial transactions will be handled by the software.

Reporting and Analysis tool

Such software will offer reports which are valuable to use and track. Some of the reports you can generate are class attendance, billing statements, invoices, revenue per client, churn rate and account deposit summaries. Based on the collected information, it becomes easy for gym owners to make future decisions for the gym or club and manage cash flows.

Features of Gym Management Software

Built-in CRM

The Customer Relationship Management, manages a company’s interaction with the current customers. Maintaining contact details, accessing to customer information and many more things has become easy with the help of CRM. You can also manage your staff by updating tasks on CRM, where the staff can view and work on the tasks assigned to them.

Appointment and class management

You can use software for any appointment or booking of a class which makes easy for the clients. You can use the software&