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Customer Relationship Management

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The CRM for Telemarketing customers is tailor made for the Marketing and Sales oriented business service providers . This system is crafted to suit all the nuances required for this special industry vertical.

The functionalities cover all critical aspects of call scheduling / task assignments / lead or call related data entries till shipment and payment collection for any roduct under scope.

To suit the telemarketing campaigns, the modules are designed to track efficiencies and workflow of each agents and their reporting hierarchy.

Needless to mention, customer information and their prospect/lead or order details are captured.

Intelligent Reporting and Exclusive dashboard views provide Insights real-time for all stakeholders to take any critical business decisions.

Metric definition and reporting help managers to track performance of the organization real time.

Our CRM Concept

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Simplify pipeline management

When you spend most of your time working with deals, the Kanban helps you find, prioritize, and act on them more easily

Accelerate deal nurturing

Use useful tools accelerate every step of working with a contact, from lead capture to quote approval, invoice generation and beyond

Collaborate effortlessly

With collaboration tools like chat boxes and reminders built into everything, you'll be able to harvest the collective knowledge of your company to chart the best path forward

Automate anything repetitive

Spend less time on the mundane stuff with automations that do things like remind you to follow up, import your emails, update deal records, and much, much more.

Complete history

Excelanto automatically logs emails, phone calls, notes, deals, and other records related to each contact, subsequently making research effortless, so that you can spend more of your time selling.

Schedule appointments effortlessly

Do away with the back-and-forth emails that usually accompany appointment scheduling. Just share a link to your appointment page to let your contacts choose a time from the free time on your calendar.

Data capture

Always work with the most up-to-date, complete picture of every contact, with automatic email, phone call, chat, and other record capture.

Deal Assignment

Accelerate deals by getting them to the right team member instantly, automatically, as soon as it’s created - via round-robin, deal-load, or other rules.

Email messaging

Nurture contacts with the right message at the right time, with event-based, or time-based drip campaigns and auto responders email delivery.

Internal notifications

Get notified automatically whenever a contact or deal you follow is updated, or when certain conditions are met like high value deals reaching the closed state.

Partner / Vendor collaboration

Allow your partners and vendors to take active part in your pursuit to fulfill customer needs., from order management to logistics/shipment.