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Our Hospital Management System is a software product designed to handle any size/scale of health care services industry.

From Polyclinics to Multi-Specialty Hospital we cover a wide range of Hospital Administration and Management process automation.

It is powerful, flexible and easy to use and is designed by Health care professionals and Doctors to deliver real conceivable benefits to hospital and clinics.

It can seamlessly scale from small clinics to large hospitals.

Flexible EMR Framework with the ability to define custom case sheets from the EMR Component Library.

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Salient Features

  • Single application for all functions.
  • Modules separated by functional area.
  • Detailed information in transactions.
  • Well-defined work flow for IP and OP.
  • Integrated Electronic Medical Records with ability to manage images and documents.
  • Work list for each department.
  • Support for Multiple Rate card for different patient types.
  • Multi-Location and Multi-Store support.
  • Edits to transactions only by authorized users.
  • 2 way handshake when stock or cash is transferred.
  • Extensive approval flow for refunds, indents and payments with multiple approval levels.
  • Operations Dashboard & Exception Reports to Senior Management.

Core Benefits

  • Efficient Patient Management.
  • Improved treatment outcomes.
  • Monitoring employee productivity.
  • Seamless integration facilitates inter-department information flow.
  • Increased accountability from employees.
  • Prevention of revenue leaks.
  • Reduction / elimination of pilferage by better stock management.
  • Immediate Management intervention on exceptions.