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Excelanto, a leading technology enterprise aims to empower the industry professionals with essential technological tools required to run their travel businesses smoothly. It is one of the famous recognized and well trusted software brands in the travel industry and excelanto ERP is now making this comprehensive tracking system available for its clients across the industry.

Simplifying the Visa Processing:

This state of the art software is aimed at providing technology solutions to facilitate the automations of visa processing. Through this advanced technological software, the organizations intends to create a hassle free process where gradually the dependency on manual processes minimizes and the tedious process of issuing visa becomes completely automated. We understand time is essence and this step is also geared towards helping our clients t provide a superior service to their customers and thereby gain a competitive advantage over others.

  1. Customer Interface : This interface is designed to accept requests for online visa and keep a track on the number of requests.
  2. Administrative Interface : As the name suggest, this is the back end process where visa requests, accounting and customized reports are prepared.

Visa Processing Managment System Features

Key Features of Proposed Online Visa Facilitation System:

The System automates the entire work flow through the visa facilitation process. The automated system will create and maintain a knowledge repository for visa details.

A user can assign role based access rights thereby ensuring unauthorized user is unable to access crucial or confidential informations. The super admin is the only user with complete access to the system while others will be designated limited access as per their defined roles.

This system is meant for B2C and B2B applications. The customers can directly initiate the online visa process by filling the online visa form while the backend processes include processing of visa requests, accounting and customized reports.

Direct customers, travel agents, travel consultants and corporate organizations can apply for visa online and can also keep track of visa status.

The software is designed to accept bulk visa request where a client can enter all the details in an excelan sheets and the system will automatically rend from the sheet and create multiple visa request forms.

Through the use of this universal 100% paperless application, the visa process is simplified and the turnaround time reduces drastically.

The customer informations is captured by the systems and stored in its database securely for the future use. This means, the next time when applying for visa the customer is saved from re-adding all the informations and is required to only enter informations pertaining to the new country of destination.

Online Visa Processing System

Real-time status updates is easiy available for both the customers and the employees with script scrapping to reflect updated visa status at VFS/Embassy's end.

Centralised cost/price management system reduces overhead and saving photographs and other important documents for each of the employees.

The system is equipped to generate customized reports where the option to add as many fields as required and display the report as per a particular requirement is easily possible. Emails and SMS will be directly sent to customers to keep them updated with the latest changes and modifications in visa application. Newsletters, announcements and other important information are sent as an email to customers which is reflected in customers inbox that is captured and maintained by the software. In order to ease overall visa allotment section, Bar Code facility is used to maintain visa tracking thereby reducing the effort of manually entering data into the software.

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